We are proud to support local charities and hospices by helping them to achieve their fundraising targets through face to face and telephone campaigning. With over 30 years combined experience in customer facing sales roles and 5 years’ experience working direct with hospices and charities in the lottery promotion/regular giving sector, you can count on our talented team to increase the income of your foundation. Lottery Promotion Services

What We Do

We are passionate about responsibly and ethically fundraising on behalf of charities and hospices, helping them to raise the income they require via local lottery and regular giving campaigns to continue their vital work in the community.

When we knock on the doors of your potential donors, we work in the image of your foundation. As the face of your charity or hospice, we look after your reputation and make sure that people understand how much of an impact your work has on the local area. We also…

Work closely with our clients

The closer our working relationship with you, the greater understanding we have of your purpose and values. It allows us to represent your brand and speak to your potential donors in a transparent, open and non-misleading way.

Invest in our people

By investing in our people, we give them the training and the skills to represent your foundation to the best of their ability. Being able to present your case in a positive light, knowing how to handle objections and turning a no into that all important yes are just some of the sales techniques that our staff learn.

Use our local knowledge

With a strong knowledge of the local area, we can specifically target places where the people may have more of an affiliation with your charity or hospice, and are therefore more likely to donate. It is important to note that we never target vulnerable people or non-English speakers, as a complete understanding before we take the bank details of any donor is imperative.

Have an honest approach to selling

A person is more likely to sign up to donate if they trust your campaign and the person delivering it. Our team present themselves in a professional, friendly and courteous manner, with all relevant ID on show. We deliver all sales presentations in an ethical way, adopting no hidden agenda or pushy sales techniques.

Why Choose Us?

Here at LPS, we have over 30 years of combined experience in the sales and promotions sector. We have transferred our knowledge of the industry to our training programme, so any new members of the team learn the skills that will give them an edge out in the field.

We employ passionate, friendly and bubbly people to deliver your campaign in a professional and ethical manner. Our team members are proud to represent your charity or hospice and will wear a uniform that makes them fully identifiable. This may include your branded t-shirt, smart trousers and smart shoes.

Lotteries Council

We follow the rules and regulations set out by the funding regulator, the Institute of fundraising and the lotteries council and educate all our team members on the code of fundraising and best practice. As promoters of regular giving and Society lotteries we are governed by the 2005 gambling act and are therefore committed to selling responsibly and ethically with full transparency.

Work For Us

As a company, we are deeply involved in helping local charities and hospices reach their fundraising targets through sales and promotions of their lotteries.

We are looking for passionate, friendly and ethically minded individuals to help us in our mission to reach these targets.

If you have previous experience in field sales or customer facing roles, and you are looking for a rewarding career where you can make a difference in your community, contact LPS today.

Candidates should have a full UK Driving License and own their own vehicle.  We may consider non-drivers depending on available travel arrangements and the location of the charity or hospice.

Current job vacancies

  • Venue staff
  • Telephone fundraising staff
  • Door to door sales staff

Please call Roy on 07899 075315 to discuss your requirements and your favoured job role over a coffee.


OTE average £35,000- £45,000 per annum
Two levels of pay –
• Weekly basic salary plus commission
• Commission only, paid weekly
Flexible hours

Covid-19 impact on face to face fundraising

During this unprecedented time we are unable to speak to potential new supporters in retail areas and at residential addresses in the way we usually would, which has deeply impacted the charities and hospices we raise funds for and the amount of help they can provide for those in desperate need of their services.

Update – Changes to our working practices

Public fundraising (street/retail locations/door-to-door)

From 6th July 2020, our fundraising teams will return to work in line with advice and recommendations from both the Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Regulator, which have been prepared in consultation with Public Health England and the Health & Safety Executive. There will be extra precautions in place to ensure they are working within the current Government guidelines at all times in relation to approaching, social distancing and good sanitation practices. These include but are not limited to:

Good sanitation practices 

Fundraisers will be encouraged to wash their hands as often as practically possible and use hand sanitiser frequently. The use of shared equipment will be restricted and if it must be shared make sure it is properly sanitised.

Limiting the number of fundraisers 

The amount of fundraisers working in one area or site will be limited, for example:

  • Private site – the number of fundraisers will be set by the terms of the relevant agreement with the site owner.
  • Door-to-door – no more than four fundraisers should work together at the same time and only one fundraiser at a time should approach a household.
  • Street fundraising – no more than four fundraisers should work on the same site at the same time in general, but any terms of Site Management Agreements must be adhered to and will take precedence if it sets out a smaller number of fundraisers.

Processing donations and collecting data 

To adhere to social distancing guidance and good sanitation practices, we have reviewed how we take payments and handle donations, these include measures such as removing the requirement for a supporter to touch the tablet.

Sanitation measures

Fundraisers will be issued with appropriate clothing, coverings, or hygiene equipment that is in-line with Government advice.

We have revised our fundraising policies to reflect this and trained the fundraisers accordingly.

Telephone fundraising

Contacting potential new supporters by telephone has been a lifeline for the fundraising sector these past few months. This will continue to be an important part of our fundraising and we very much appreciate everyone who takes the time to speak with our telephone colleagues who are continuing to work for us remotely during these unsettled times.

Every cloud..

Telephone fundraising has not been used a lot for some years, however, with the Government’s announcement to go into lock down on 23rd March 2020 it created an opportunity to explore telephone fundraising once more through working from home.

The silver lining

We are very happy to declare that telephone fundraising is back in business and we are currently recruiting for experienced sales/fundraising agents to work from home. So, if this sounds like something that is suitable for you, please contact Roy on 07899 075315 for a chat about the role.

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